Friday, November 12, 2010

Popping out the rudder

Yesterday I was able, with the help from gravity and a friend, to pop the rudder out of the moulds (by bending the mould as the rudder itself is inbendable).  It was indeed a pleasant feeling to hold this 1650 g extremely stiff carbon foil in my hands.

Rudder just left the mould

As opposed to the last rudder, there was very little damage to the mould this time, almost negligible as the area affected is not a part of the rudder surface.

 Small damage near the tip of the blade

Also, this was a couple hundred grams lighter than the last one.  The reason for this is no doubt that it was manufactured with one laminating step less, ie the foam was attached to the skin in one operation, hence less epoxy needed.  The finish was the same almost perfect, and a clear coat would definitely be no problem.  I will paint the rudder.

Trailing edge trimmed to give roughly the correct size

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