Thursday, November 25, 2010

Other events have taken my attention lately.  A small update follows nevertheless.

Mast building have been put on hold, I don't know for how long yet, in order to get external help to try and optimize the design.  I was surprised by both the weight and the ruggedness of the failed piece.  I can actually jump on the section without noticeable flex, and this was a failed infusion. I will be surprised if it does not turn out I can reduce fibre weight in several areas.

That said, there have been lots of discussions on the f-boat group lately due to a few mast failures.  It seems however the problem is loads under reefed main, a situation where I expect this mast construction will have a significant advantage.

With the mast on hold, I have continued on the rudder.  The leading edge reinforced with a carbon/aramid hybrid in the pre made recess:

And the same around the head of the board:

While curing under "poor man's vacuum bag", the fit of a piece for the rudder case mould is being checked.

As the recommended wax sheets for making a spacer is only available in bulk, I chose to use a piece of vinyl (or something similar) flooring.  When heated with an electrical heat gun it folded nicely over the leading edge.  With a tight fit of the flange moulds it was kept steady. Using modelling clay for filling the corners works like a charm.

I added release wax to the whole surface.  Modelling clay in different colours cheers up and makes me want to run back to start the lamination.

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