Friday, November 12, 2010

Laying up first mast part

After the successful release of the rudder from its mould, I had no more excuses to postpone the mast lamination.  So today I finished the 5 layers of release wax and started cutting the carbon.  The first layer in the mould is a triaxial stitched of around 630 g/m^2 followed by a 420 g/m^2 unidirectional.  The fabric is really compact and will make a very nice laminate.  In between every layer I put a narrow strip of 0/90 to reinforce the mast track, I would hate to have the main sail pull out of the track when pulling in the sheet.

 Cutting triaxial and unidirectional carbon.  A special thank to Thomas for giving me the excellent Chinese tailor's scissors.

 The extra reinforcing layer outside the boltrope track tube

I placed the inside layers as well before sticking the foam core in.  The inside laminate is the same as the outside but in reversed order. Boltrope track reinforcement between each layer.  Then the tube was placed, and the foam put in between the two layers of unidirectional. I used a lot of clamps and 3M spray glue to keep the different fabrics organized.

 Most of the lay up in place.  Need to cover the inside of the boltrope tube. There will be fitted aluminum T-bars on top to create a recess outside the mast and a glue flange to glue the shear web to.

Just another view of the same

I will continue with peel ply, release film, resin distribution media and spiral tubing for delivery and suction, and then wrap it all in a bag.  The boltrope tube lumen has to be open to atmospheric pressure to avoid collapse and resin filling.  We'll see how far I get this evening.

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