Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All those couple of hundred small things.... part 5

I have been more busy trying to sort all those things out than taking pictures and posting updates.  So launch day is getting closer.  I got the rest of the folding system done, with the bumpers and folded retaining system.  Picture of one of the retaining brackets.

I've been splicing bow pole side stays and front net forward wires.  No pictures at the moment.  All float hatches have been sealed and attached.  The side nets are more or less attached.  Does any of you F-22 sailors come up with a clever way to lash the nets to let the boat remain foldable?  I haven't yet.

After I had the name giving celebration last Sunday roller furling line leads have been attached.  Still some splicing to do on a bow pole lead for the screacher furler.

Today I got the long awaited USPS shipment from Colligo Marine containing soft pad eyes and loops for attaching the head sail halyard blocks.  Hopefully I will find some time to get these on tomorrow, after a daggerboard session.

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Hans van der Zijpp said...

Hi Tor,

You can permanently lash all the gromets except the sixth eye (counted from the float). If you lash that one with some extra loops it's easy to tension after unfolding. Leave some slack in the line and it can stay attached while folded.

Cheers, Hans