Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I had good helpers, friends and family over last Sunday to celebrate and officially giving her the name "Panta Rei" while my wife poured Calvados over the float.  My brother in law OJ took a lot of nice pictures, enjoy.

Navnefest for Panta Rei


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tor on the (almost) completion of "Panta Rei'. All of us are vicariously looking forward to your sea trials.

Jim Lovell

Per said...

Congratulation Tor. When I had the opportunity to see you at Trondheimsfjorden last Sunday, I quickly decided it MUST be Tor with Panta Rei. Amazing sight: As far as I could calculate, you did 7-8 kts 30deg on 6m/s wind. Seems very promising to me. I bet you are in the water just now, doing preparations for 20.august!!!??? (while I am looked up in the "white house"!!!)
Hope to see you on fjord at the latest next Wednesdag.
I wish you all the best for many intersesting moments with your impressing ship!!

PS: And please do not forget to call for crew at some occation. Multihull "group" in Levanger is increasing.

Fram said...

Congratulations Tor, well done !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Great work!
I´ll be waiting for comments on sea trials.

Greeting from Buenos Aires, Argentina.