Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It has been an extremely long way up to actually start making the daggerboard.  Making the files for milling the moulds turned out to be more of a challenge than expected, and when I finally got the moulds it turned out a big void had been created when I glued the MDF-boards together.  But I finally got to start the actual build today, and hopefully I will have the board in a few days.  Due to limited space on my vacuum table I have to make one half at the time.

After sanding the epoxy I applied two layers of mould sealer and 5 layers of mould release.

Then all the cut outs for High Density inserts was made, and the HD inserts were shaped by hand.  Foam blanks had been made on the CNC along with the moulds.

Cutting carbon for the skin and structural reinforcements

Ready for lamination. Vacuum bag attached at left, release film and breather visible in front.

The carbon for the first half waiting

Starboard daggerboard half under vacuum.

Pulling hard....

Mould, foam and carbon for port half waiting for available vacuum table...

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