Friday, August 26, 2011

Another unfortunate happening

While sailing to the start of last week ends race on Friday night, close hauled under main and screecher doing about 7 knots in far less wind, the bow pole diverted sideways and ripped the bow web apart.

Although much of my rigging is not exactly to plans, such as the mast section, the bow pole was rigged, to the best of my abilities, according to the instructions. 

I had my side stays go three rounds around the pole and locked with half hitch knot but this failed to keep hold of the pole and caused the failure.  I will get the boat up and indoor again this week end and start the repairs.


Andrew said...

Tor --

Sorry for your unfortunate happenings -- glad the Wednesday night beer can race showed you Panta Rei can be a Rocket!

Just wanted to clarify if you though it was the failure of the half hitch allowing the lashing to roll, or something with the design/construction of the bow web and or pole?


Tor Rabe said...

I will let the UD carbon run around the tip of the bow web now. I don't think this would have made any difference though. The problem was the attachment of the side stays. These will now be separate stays with spliced loops around the pole, and should have been that way in the first place. This will prevent anything like this from happening

Anonymous said...

Hi Tor,

A small warning :
The pin that holds the forestay can shake itself loose/out (sliding up the bow web) when sailing in steep chop.
You might want to secure it.

Regards, Hans

Tor Rabe said...

Hans, thank you.
I figured that might happen so I already made a hole in each end, securing with a ring

Anonymous said...

Tor I break my boom attagement three times before it wat ok.
I work with loops around the boom no nuts.