Friday, August 26, 2011

Ytteroya rundt 2011

There is an annual distance race organized by the local yacht club every August.  It has been the big goal for the season to get the boat ready for this race.  Unfortunately, I crippled my boat the night before, and the forecast suggested all big sails available should be used.  At the time of the start it was absolutely no wind, and after a two hour postponement the race started but a lot shortened.

We jury rigged the spinnaker from the remnants of the bow web and was able to get it flying.  However, the wind was so moderate that I struggled to get the boat moving AND go downwind at the same time.  We gained rather well on some jibes, and lost it all on others.  We would probably been best off just drifting along with the others.

After a while heavy rain started and the wind died.  Anyway, we managed to get the boat moving.  We had to try both tacks to see which one gave movement, as the wind was undetectable to the human organism, but when correct we sailed almost one knot while all others were drifting, bows in all direction.  After a while I was wet, it was getting late and I was tired of this kind of "sailing" and withdrew.

Conclusion:  The boat has a lot of potential, we have a lot to learn.

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