Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another social evening in "Nossum verft"

Three other members of "Flerskrog Trøndelag" had decided to join me in the construction of a vacuum infused laminate this evening. We decided to make the cockpit seats. Here Eivind, co-owner of "Frimann" and one of the Slinn developers, is studying the plans to find the right positioning of the reinforcements.

Several steps of dry lay up then missed the photographer, now it is time to test the vacuum integrity.

Detail of the part, the core being different thickness and various layers of fabric. All walking areas are constructed with a thicker core to provide the necessary stiffness in the laminate. This area is also involved in distributing loads from the aft beams.

Opening the resin inlet:

Using the Prime 20LV epoxy from SP systems, opening time of 10 hours, developed to handle advanced fibers.

Robert, constructor of a foil stabilized proa-canoe sail vessel, posing in front of the fabrics and tools.

Nearing completion

The finished laminate, still to be left under vacuum until tomorrow. Both cockpit seats made in one infusion.
The next float ready to test my ability to focus on sanding over time....

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