Thursday, March 20, 2008

Social evening infusing another panel and float weight revealed

The first evening with invited multihullers took place this wednesday, and three people showed up making this the most social building event in my workshop so far. I didn't remember to take any photos as we were very busy discussing multihull designs and building issues. Trond Are has designed and built several catamarans (among other things) and Trygve is soon finishing his second TRT 1200 (fast 40 ft cruising catamaran), the first one dismasted close to Easter Island after sailing around half the globe. At the end of the day this was how the panel serving as the center of the evenings activities and the starting point for interesting discussions looked:

We were also able to make a pretty good estimate of the starboard float weight without paint and hardware. It seems to be heavier than I hoped for but not too bad. The estimate is 51 kg (112 lbs). The hatches were mounted after weighing.

And finally I filled a few spots on Frimann's centerboard:


Dag said...

Godt med litt sosialt borte på Nossum også tenker jeg. Jeg registrerer at det stadig er fremgang i prosjektet. Bra! Tenk hvor mye vi kunne fått gjort hvis ikke vi måtte bruke så mye tid på jobben......


Grant said...

The float looks very well faired. I think it is the lightest float reported so far.