Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Panel preparations and Frimann's centerboard

I have been busy preparing panels for infusion as the epoxy coating takes it's time to cure. Currently there has been no animals in the above floor and thus the heater has been running a lot without achieving the best temperatures in the workshop. Things will change within a week.

Here showing the preparations of the core for the cockpit seats, gluing two sheets together with polyurethane glue using the daggerboard case mould and a few epoxy buckets as weight. In the background finished panels with outlines of bulkheads and other panels. I have invited the members of the Northern branch of the Norwegian multihull association (Flerskrog Trøndelag) to come and take part in the panel infusion on three occasions during the next two weeks.

I am also finishing the new centerboard for Frimann. The old one retired during the first sail in Trondheimsfjorden last fall and Eivind has been developing a new and better board and the upwind performance will probably be much better this season. Just some fairing and then seal it all in one layer of glass using vacuum.

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