Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dagger board case: More port half preparaitions

I started cutting the beam transport cradle to pieces in order to make mould for the rope channel recess .

Then I had to glue two strips together to get the right thickness

After planning and sanding the rope channel mould to the correct dimensions and shape it was time to dry test the pieces on the basic mould. Then I screwed the rope channel to the mould.

Sealing the mould, filling corners with putty etc, curing under vacuum.

Then I cut all the fabric and consumables for the lamination. I use 12 different pieces of carbon and 8 pieces of consumables, not including the 5 piece core and the bag. Here almost everything ready.

Tonight I removed everything again, waxed the mould a last time and put everything back on wet. Then applied the bag and pulled a full vacuum (by practical means, that is).

I obviously used a lot of resin on this one, I hope I am able to get all the unnecessary stuff out in the bleeder.

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