Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First time inside my boat

Last night I started to prepare the temporary hullodesis of the two hull halves.

A peek in trough the bow opening

And today I put them on top of each others. Next step is the final adaptation of the bulkheads.

Then I actually entered the boat for the first time. Quite roomy. But dark of course. Felt good. A bit later I pushed my work lamp over, I had no spare bulbs so then it got even darker. I really have to get a couple of good work lamps for the inside jobs.
The purpose of being inside the hull tonight was to scribe(?) the bulkheads along the hull, making it easy to sand down the required areas.

I did that with my compressed air mini angular grinder. Really fast and easy, and good access so I was able to do the required trimming without the need to lift the hull more than a few cm.

Make sure to wear proper light and protection when working in enclosed space!

(self portrait)

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Dag said...

That guy in the last photo reminds me of someone. Hmmm... Can you guess who? Anyway. Great job!!