Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lots of small things

It has been busy lately, and a lot of things happened. Not so much on the boat, unfortunately. Anyway, I've been working on a fix to the steering of my wife's electrical car.

And I demolished the main bathroom in our house (as preparations for a new bathroom):

I have been able to work a bit more on the bulkhead final adaption. None have been glued in place though. Here the aft bunk bulkhead shown. This time I will make the aft bunk glueing flange before installing the cockpit floor, for better access.

And I have done some work making the bow ready for joining. The bow web cut out were made using a jig and a router

I also made a recess for placing the bobstay anchor.

I have been working quite a lot lately. (I didn't do this, but I had to fix it)

And the first machined piece was collected at the workshop.

Frimann has got a new layer of International VC17m extra and a few other fixes (new boom and reefing system) and is ready for another season.

This week end I put a new roof on my garage. I also finally started the daggerboard case lamination, the mold made ready for starboard half.

Wet lay up and vacuum bagging.

This post was made using Internet Explorer (which I normally do not use, I try to avoid using Microsoft applications when there are good alternatives), and I have not been able to get the lay out right.

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