Sunday, May 10, 2009

Talk, talk, talk

It has been too busy to do any building for a short while. Today, however, I finished the taping of the bulkheads (front beam, main, aft beam and aft cabin aft bulkheads) and I also made glueing flanges on the aft bunk support bulkhead. I did however not bring the camera.

In between other things I have also received a Ronstan RF 40151 cheek block , contacted a local workshop specialized in custom building Harley Davidsons about the fabricated parts and there is also a batch of Copper Coat for the dagger board case inside on it's way.

The guys at the workshop have a CNC machine and can make the fabricated parts. They even had most of the materials in stock. The problem seems to be, however, that rods, steel or titanium, with imperial dimensions are unavailable from any supplier in Norway. This means that I either have to have the rods made, from 316 steel and/or titanium, which seems to be a difficult task. The other option would be to import those parts from the US for instance. I need almost 40 cm 5/8" stainless steel, almost 140 cm 5/8" titanium and 30 cm 3/8" stainless steel. Also the rudder pin, and the shroud chain plate pins, I don't remember the measures at the moment. I would be happy to get some hints from readers, also with regards to the frontrunner fabric necessary for the rudder case and the trailer.

I will now fit the two halves together and then glue in the rest of the bulkheads. I expect this will make the alignment and final fitting easier.


Arno Molenaar said...


a friend of my can maybe deliver those products, from Holland
Send him a E-mail.

For the frontrunner fabric you can use this:

I used it in my boat and in my rudder and I did give a piece to Tom for his F32 rudder

Tor Rabe said...

Thank you very much, Arno. I really appreciate your advice.