Monday, May 25, 2009

Dagger board case: Starboard half out of mould, port half preparations

I removed the starboard half dagger board case from the mould, very easy release. I use Turtle car wax with carnauba and a thin layer of Norslipp on top. The part looks just as I hoped for. Really light though stiff and strong. Lovely engineering.

Then I started the comprehensive preparations for the port half. I cut the foam and placed the HD (high density foam) parts. Then I started to perforate the HD foam parts, the regular foam is bought ready perforated, a very cost effective way to do it in my opinion. The battery on my Dremel ran out of power quite soon though, so I continued bevelling the foam sides. Then I had to reverse the "recess moulds" on top and bottom. Two layers of the MDF-lid of the beam case will serve to make the rope channel recess. To the left you can see my mods to the circular saw to make the 45º bevelled sides.

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