Sunday, February 14, 2010

Demoulding flange. Success.

I have not had time for any more building, but popped in and removed the mould.  I was very anxious to see how the fibres had been lying back there, and it was as good as I had dared hoping for. >95% of the flange seemed perfect, the rest with minor irregularities. Just have to radius off the bulkhead, fair and cover the inner side now.  This is the finished opening size.

This is showing part of the flange from front side, inner layer of unidirectional carbon fibres visible.  Also parts of the outer tape.  Parts of this need some trimming with my power file.

This is showing minor irregularities and lack of putty fillet at the lower starboard part of the flange, at the transition to the forward bunk.

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CrashGybe 22 said...

I can't believe how fast that you are going. The flange looks great but it's done and there is no better job.