Sunday, February 07, 2010

Front face laminated

It's a tedious work getting all the pieces in place.  As vacuum is not an option here, a careful hand lay up is the best one can do.  As I'm using carbon, I have fewer pieces but there was still 22 of them on the front face.  This is an under way picture, as I stepped out to mix more epoxy:

And after a few more pieces of carbon, and some peel ply:

The previously mentioned protruding part of the "recess" shown here:

I still have to cover the upper folding strut bolt hole doubler plate.  Hopefully I will find time to do the aft face tomorrow.


packing supplies said...

It is really a tedious work to do and joining every part by using epoxy and powerful adhesives. Adhesives have a strong sticking power and strong bond for a boat.

Tor Rabe said...

I really dislike these ads coming in as comments, it being packing supplies, porn or other strange things in question. But I don't like the idea of having to control every comment before publishing either, it would feel like I'm censoring people's opinions...