Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starting doorway flange

I faired the doorway cut out (made the cuts straight) and rounded the exterior corner with the router.  This is a very powerful tool working with thin laminates and light foam.  You can see at the bottom where the roller guide of the bit slipped off and a lot of unwanted routing happened in a fraction of a second.  Will be filled before laminating.

Then I made the mould for the flange from timber.  This will be covered in packaging tape and temporarily screwed to the inner face of the main cabin bulkhead, and the flange will be moulded over.


Menno said...

I laminated the flange in one go and remember I had some problems with the glas wanting to lift from the mold because of all the sharp turns. Maybe you won't have that problem as you use much thinner cloth.
Still maybe it's a good idea to have some scrap pieces of wood + tape at hand: if the glass starts to lift just screw a piece of wood through the molded flange onto the mold to press the glass nice and tight.

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks for the advice, Menno!

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