Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flange mould and starting laminating

I made the mould from pieces of a retired IKEA wardrobe.  That was the plan, anyway.  This is some kind of fibreboard with a melamineish cover on one side, quite flexible, but not enought, it turned out.  It did not cope with the tightest radiuses at the lower part of the bulkhead and broke.  I cut up a plastic bucket and used the pieces for this area, and went on with the IKEA recirculating plan for the rest of the flange mould.


I was not sure how to adress the laminating here, as it is partly very tight and only a few fingers fit between the mould and the hull.  I decided to wet out the whole flange on the table and manoeuvre it into the boat and in place thought the deck hatch entry.  The UD went painless this way, the covering DB tape was worse, as anticipated.  And making a putty fillet in these places...  I bet not even Mr. Farrier would be able to do this all the way unless he has some very sophisticated special place putty spreading tools.  Using a candy bag I was able to cover most of the circumference.  I finally got the tape placed in a satisfying manner. No peel ply though, I didn't dare to handle the flange any more after I got everything in place.  This is the carbon for the flange, ready for wet out.  (The finished flange is not accessible for a camera as it is stuck between the mould and the hull, only accessible for digital exploration)

Then I back filled the cut outs in the cockpit panels.

And I made a jig to help placing them straight in the cockpit.

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