Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More on front beam mounts. Starting cockpit

I did the aft face laminates.  Compression pad reinforcements and cut out flange to come.

I also finished covering the doublers on the front face, and on the aft beam.

A couple of close ups of the front beam mount exterior.  Still to be filled, faired, bevelled and covered with laminate.

I have started to work on the cockpit as well.

It has not been easy to decide on the details concerning layout but I think I finally decided.  I will use a divider bulkhead on each side, to leave the front part of the underseat area dry.  On port side I will obviously have the safety compartment as well as a footwell for the port bunk.

On starboard the plan is a retractable galley, using a Wallas kerosene stove with heat blower lid and, if  possible, a small further retractable sink under it with water from a small removable tank placed in the back rest.  We'll see what I'm able to do.  What I am trying to do is actually quite difficult; building a cruiser and a racer at the same time. So I will have to make some of the cruising/WAF stuff removable.  Then there is choosing the right outboard... Low weight for racing, quiet and low vibration motoring with sufficient thrust and high output alternator for cruising. I'm investigating the possibility of making an F-27 style engine well to move the weight forward, be less prone to ventilating the prop and not the least avoid the aesthetic nuisance of dragging an ugly outboard on the transom.
I think I stated before; if I was building a true racer I would not build a Farrier design.  It's the sailing potential combined with the cruising capabilities that made me start this project in the first place.


CrashGybe 22 said...

Hi Tor,

Have you looked at the Honda 6 four strokes? They look fairly good and are a fair bit lighter than the 10.

I am also going to investigate ( in about a year) the state of electric outboards. These are getting really good and with the batteries located inside the boat, the weight is better distributed. I think that overall they are about the same or less total mass for more range and max torque from 0 rpm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tor,
You are making impressive progresses.
I was thinking to do as well a motorwell. But I realised that I cannot move the motor as far to the middle of the boat as I would like for the weight. Because the motor must be out of rang of the folded floats.
So I am looking forward to your solution.

Regards Roger

Tor Rabe said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll be back to these things shortly