Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finishing the forward passageway flange

Today I got some good use of my power file again as I trimmed back a few fibres from the outside taping of the flange.  Then I added the second layer of DB at the lower ends, as well as the UD connection between flange and bunk top.  I went on to round the aft corner of the bulkhead, filled all voids in the flange and laminated the last pieces of DB carbon to finish the laminations of this flange.  It still has to be trimmed at the front end.

Cabin seen from aft end of port settee


Just forward of the front beam bulkhead there is some room that I will use for storage.  I figure a couple of shelves narrowing in towards the hull, extending to the flange and being parallel with the centreline, will be a good solution.  This is the area in question.

Next up is getting the cockpit together.  But I think it is wise to make the doorway flange first, so that is what I will do next.  I also have to make a few more panels for the cockpit (separating bulkheads and one additional safety compartment panel, as well as the back rests and coaming tops.  It is advised to make glueing flanges before fitting the cockpit seat tops, but it seems to me easier to suspend the hull from the ceiling up side down, working trough the cut outs to make this taping.  Previous experience indicates that making these kind of flanges up side down is not an easy way. Then I have to make an arrangement for the head.  I will not, unfortunately, be able to fit the holding tank I bought, I might make one to custom fit the hull.

I'm afraid the next couple of weeks will be much less productive than the previous as work and other commitments will keep me out of the workshop most of the time.

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