Friday, June 11, 2010

Coamings - external lamination

Two days ago I finally found time for external lamination of the coamings.  First I had to fair the foam, and as it was already laminated on the inside, the construction was relatively stiff and easy to work on.  Some filling was required and this was done just prior to lamination.

The laminated cockpit.  Aft part of coamings still to make.  These will feature beverage holders and the engine controls.

And for the first time it is possible to see the final profile of the boat.  I'm happy.

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Dag said...

I am glad you are happy! I am happy too. This looks very good. I like the shape very much.

Keep up the good work. We can now see the end of this boatbuilding marathon. (If we are using the right glasses....)