Saturday, June 05, 2010


I finally got started to glue the coaming parts in.  I just bonded the edges of the fronts, keeping the shape with wood battens. As I only pre laminated the inside they are quite floppy.  When cured, I taped the inside joins. This is starboard coaming with finished inside taping.

I managed to cut back too much of the port hull and had to glue back a strip.  Kept in place with crossing tooth-picks while curing.  Also showing drain hole and the aft "anti fall down to the lower compartment thing".

Detail of inside storage compartment, port side looking aft. Edge still to be dug out and filled, or maybe laminated over.

This picture is showing port side glueing flanges curing. They were added a.m Menno, ie using building foam as a mould.  I wrapped the foam in vacuum plastic, adding the need for weighing down the flanges during cure and hopefully making the foam removable.

I might, but plan not to, add small winches on the coamings for screacher (klyver) and spinnaker (jager).  I added a piece of high density foam and laminated a carbon reinforcement to the coaming tops just in case.  Curing under vacuum.  Also a piece of four layers heavy carbon weave to transfer fabric weight in to laminate thickness using vacuum lamination, preparations for bow pole (klyverbom) and traveller (løygang) manufacture.

After a really long period of indecisiveness I finally decided to add a Tohatsu 6 Sail Pro to a stern mounted bracket.  This one.  Will enable the engine to be retracted up and forward when not in use.  I will have the possibility to add an engine well at a later stage, there are long winters and short summers here.  Speaking of summer, this picture also showing the new heater which is doing a great job keeping the Norwegian summer (7,5 ºC tonight) out of the workshop and leaving me my spare time to finish a boat.

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Dag said...

Great work Tor (again) I like your decision about the engine. As you say you can redo this later. If you want.