Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rudder - Fitting the foam

Torkil made a great job shaping the foam, and we decided to go on with hand shaping on the next rudders as well (we are building three, one for each and a common spare).  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures during the process today as well.  After fine trimming the foam, cut outs were made to accommodate the high density inserts and the central core.
To make sure the two halves will not move around in the moulds during the next few steps, we attached the skins to the mould using a spray glue.  Then the foam was coated with a low viscosity epoxy while a substantial coat of micro fibre thickened epoxy was applied in the skins to make sure all possible unevenness in the foam blanks are filled.

High density insert being wetted out and put in place

The chord of the foam was cut back a bit as well, and the trailing edge filled with the same micro fibre/epoxy mix.  A central core blank wrapped in several layers of thick building plastic and peel ply were placed in the central core groove of each half, ensuring correct spacing.

Then the two moulds were brought back in the bag to cure under vacuum.

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