Friday, June 11, 2010

Rudder - making the skin

As it is still really uncertain when the CNCed foam blanks will be ready, we (Torkil, who is upgrading his C24 rudder, and I) decided to start building and hand shape the foam.  As we plan to vacuum laminate the foam to the skin, an accurate shaping will not be necessary, just almost will do.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos during yesterdays session.
First, we polished the waxed moulds and applied two coats of Norslipp. Then added tape to the edge where an external carbon tape will go after joining.  If I thought of it in time, this should have been added to the mould.  Wet lay up of the two skins and unidirectional reinforcements and then we put it under vacuum.  I unbagged today and it looks very good.  The next steps will be to glue the foam in, routing down to the centreline and join the two pieces as the centre box is added.

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