Thursday, September 09, 2010


I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would be the best engine for this boat.  I think the best is not commercially available yet, as that would be a soon (maybe) to be launched very light weight and compact 5 kW diesel generator and an electric outboard. 

Having been in the situation where I HAD TO spend a day motoring the Telstar "Frimann" for 8 hours with a 6 hp two stroke Suzuki, I knew some spare power and one of the more silent models would be necessary.  Then again, minimizing weight is what this build is all about.

I ended up on the Tohatsu 6 SailPro, being light weight, Ultra long, with large diameter/low pitch propeller, alternator as standard and the possibility of remote control (aft cabin model).  I do not feel that "Tohatsu" sounds very good, but they are said to be reliable and good engines.  So I ordered one from West Systems in Norway early April.  By the end of July, I was assured I would not get my engine until next year.

So, if they can't supply an engine within a year, what happens when I need some spare parts???

I've had a Yamaha on a powerboat I had in the teens, very reliable engine. My brother in law have an old 4 hp Yamaha as well.  I like them.  The 8 hp HighTrust would probably be the ultimate cruising engine, but then I could save 5 kg off the stern (and a lot of money) by going with the F8CHML. So I did.  I'm currently breaking it in on the Telstar, the engine runs like a charm and it has tons of trust compared to the Suzuki 6.  And there is a "Dual Trust" 9" propeller available that I think I will have to try out.  Might have to borrow the before mentioned 4 hp two stroke for big events, though...

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