Friday, September 17, 2010


I laminated the starboard wing net lashing rail yesterday, using the poor man's vacuum bag technique.  This works great to help the fabric sit tight in curved areas.

Today I started out adding a strip of high density foam on the lower edge of the jib traveller front face.  I will fill the open triangular space on this face in order to angle the track more up.  The geometry here is actually quite complex as the curve should be in the plane of the JLP but the track should face approximately half way up the luff.  I was trying out different angles of the track when making the brackets, but I was afraid the geometry would make tacking difficult if I faced the curve too much up, so I will be doing a half way both, hoping it will work.  The cars will be roller bearing so I expect them to roll OK even if the pull is somewhat from the side. I'm a bit anxious to find out actually.  Probably should have gone with a straight track after all, then all these things would have been omitted.  Time will show. Then the traveller was tacked to the brackets and left to cure.

Then I laminated the trailer side supports from 6 layer of plywood and placed them in grooves made in the temporary hull supports.  Adding a couple of extra compression clamps made the multilayer ply 2" x 6" follow the hull curvature just perfect.
The trailer will provide a very steady bed for the boat. I will have a bunch of steel brackets made up to fix the boards to the trailer.  Hopefully the trailer will accept the hull in a couple of weeks, so I can free the workshop for foil building, one aero and two hydros.

There is not much more laminating on the main hull exterior left, I will add Kevlar on the cockpit seats and the aft deck, and the travellers have to be mounted.  The pop-top mechanism will be mounted when I get all the stainless bolts on Monday.  I will get on with the rudder shortly.  Right now it seems possible to sail next summer, but it will be interesting to see just how much time it takes to make the mast.....

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