Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jib traveller, detail work

I filled up the front face as mentioned.  Then I laminated the brackets to the traveller with UD tape and covered the front face with some BD fabric.  The rest of the UD will be covered by a couple of more layers of BD.

The trailer side supports seems to have turned out better than expected.  Some more intensive work on the trailer next week I guess.  The trailer needs a total rebuild (moving axles, increasing constructional width and length, all new supports), and then an inspection from the traffic authorities for it to be approved for F-boat transportation.  The strange thing is that I think a lot of boats are 250cm wide, but no trailers on the market are.  It is not (in Norway at least) allowed to transport goods wider than the registered with of the vehicle and hence most boat trailers in Norway are probably not according to rules and regulations. I will see to that mine is, and that includes among other things to make it 18 cm wider. I don't know how I will do this yet, probably just adding a steel square tube along the side.

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