Thursday, September 09, 2010


I'm sure several sailmakers would make good sails for the F-22.  In Norway, the loft with the most multihull experience is GranNorth made some good sails for my Telstar a few years ago, so I asked them for a quote as well.  I've also asked for furlers and main sheeting systems (Harken windward sheeting and 6:1/24:1).

The result of my inquiries are pretty interesting I think.  From North I got an answer that said something like yes we make good sails, but Harken is very expensive.  Then I have not got anything more.  I've asked for some more follow up, but no.  The sad thing is they have the Karver furlers.  I'd like a couple of those.  But I think a company that do not respond after several contacts on a deal worth a quarter of a years income, should not be pushed any more.  Do we pay way over price for our sails so they don't have to work hard?  Or is it just another case of good men not being organized in a productive manner?

With Gran I did not get a response either.  So I called up the sales manager, with whom I had been talking to at the start of my build and he then made a good impression, telling him I found it peculiar that I did not get an answer to my quote.  He seemed to feel bad about it, said his computer had crashed but the techs had ensured him everything was retrieved, and humbly asked if I could send my requests again.  Before I got to it, about half an hour later, I had his propositions for the whole wardrobe.  He has from then offered excellent support.

The details of my order is not yet ready due to the mast not made, self tacker not attached etc, but production time have been reserved and I will have main moulded in carbon on black technora, three reefs, the Gran self tacking Glider jib in the same materials, screecher in 2,9oz aramid and a nylon assy.  I'd like all three headsails furled.  I've not decided on furlers, but I'm leaning towards Facnor.  Anyone's opinion on this is most welcome.

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Guy Waites said...

Good to hear you're back in the workshop.... nice and easy now!