Sunday, September 19, 2010

More jib traveller and aft deck

It might seem like the progress is really slowing down, but some things just take a lot of time.  Today I added more reinforcements to the jib traveller.  It would really be a pity if the track tore loose from the brackets, so I try to do a thorough job on the attachments.  And because I have to work on several sides of the track, and the fabric is wrapping around to whatever might be the back side, it is very difficult to do much of the job at a time.  That means several rounds of curing, removing peel ply, some sanding and more laminating.  Have to do that tomorrow as well, then I think I'll be satisfied.

I also added a layer of Kevlar/carbon hybrid to the aft deck.  When building in carbon, the panels can get stiff and strong enough with a very thin skin, I'm afraid it is so thin that it do not withstand much abuse, hence the additional Kevlar under the waterline and in all areas susceptible to receiving falling winch handles etc.

Also doing a lot of thought/development work on the trailer, as well as studying the very unavailable rules and regulations regarding light etc.  I probably won't find any policeman in Norway even close to knowing the regulations, if I ever go to Switzerland however....  I think it's best to get it right.

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