Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moulds rigged. Cleaning. Reorganizing.

So, the moulds are rigged and braced and I'm happy with how it will be working on and in them. They have been around collecting dirt for probably 15 years, so I decided to start with a round of dishwash detergent and a scrub. I washed the trailing mould, which was the worst and need the most attention before use.

Ok, so here is the picture similar to yesterdays leading edge. It is possible to see the damage to the gel coat.  I think I'll start with wet sanding, and then scim with epoxy fairing compound. Then wet sand again and apply Chemlease® 15 Sealer and  then Chemlease® PMR 90+.

Close up showing the built in "prebend", and more surface imperfections

I'm still throwing out scrap from the workshop and moving around a few things.  Have to roll out and cut 6+m carbon fabric pieces  in a few days, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Wow , that looks like almost as much carbon as in the rest of the boat ! Very expensive out of woven but I assume most of the layup is unidirectional oriented in various ways ? Good luck with it ! Cheers , Jim B.

Tor Rabe said...

Actually it is about half and half unidirectional and stitched triaxial. But I have engineered it myself (using the one finger in the air method), so time will have to show how it works....

Anonymous said...

Yes , thats the way I did it too . Some years ago made a double luff 'fat' carbon mast - see www.bucko.com.au and worked out the laminate by reverse engineering from how heavy I thought it should be . Still in use today ! Cheers , Jim B.