Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back to start on starboard float deck

When I left the workshop yesterday afternoon I stopped by to buy some more vinyl floor. 6m by 60 cm (20' x 2'). It had to be two 3m pieces. Then I went back to the workshop after dinner and sanded down all the remnants on the table with a random orbital sander. Then adapted the floor and made holes for the alignment dowels. Will glue it to the table and do something clever in the connection between the two pieces and around the dowels:

Then I started making new pieces from foam and fabric. Shaped 5 new stringers, cut all the fabric for those. Then started on the deck foam, cut the foremost 243,5 cm (new standard from Divinycell? Used to be 244). All the HD inserts are undamaged and reusable from the last attemt on making a deck. The next few days we will be celebrating the birthdays of Norways constitution and that of my son's and I will not be building again for a few days.

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