Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finally made the float decks

Ten days since the latest posting, and I don't have many pictures from that period. But I'm progressing again after that minor unfortunate happening on May 14.

The second infusion went on without any major problems during preparation or infusion, forgot to take pictures until finished:

However, the following day, when unpacking the bag, it turned out that I had forgotten the layer of release film between the peel ply and the RDM. This meant another hour of punishment labour peeling off everything. Two release issues making one part! The part was OK though. The picture is showing starboard float and deck (before the peeling) and port front deck and foam is on the table:

The making of the port deck went on uneventfully. I managed to reuse the bag, though. Saved me perhaps one hour. I have now proceeded the stage where I glued the deck to the table:-)


Henny said...

So I'm not the only one who is working on auto pilot sometimes (and forget things like release film ;)

Tor Rabe said...

It was actually a comfort to think about the post where you tell you did the same thing... Thanks, Henny;-)