Monday, May 14, 2007

Infusion of the starboard float deck

(Text added May 15) I fit the rest of the bag and made ready for infusion. No significant leaks. The most of the area is covered with two layers of the blue RDM. The closest area of this picture is covered with one layer. This picture is taken just about a minute after the resin inlet was opened:

This next picture is taken less than one minute later. It is already obvious that the resin flows faster in two layers of RDM:

The resin front after 4 minutes. The fastest RDM is the stringer actually. Wich means I can make the grooves even smaller. The resin was about 25 deg Celcius, I guess. The two layer area has now passed the mid line:

10 minutes and the one layer area is almost half way:

16 minutes and everything but the one layer area is finished wetted out:

Except this little spot in the "resin brake" area at the transom transition. Anyway, I locked the resin inlet and went to work my sunday night nightshift. Lesson learned: Two layers of RDM more than doubles the resin front velocity. Nice to know :-)

In the morning everything looked nice and the resin was gelled. I turned off the vacuum pump and went home to sleep:

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