Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Small update on my progress

Finished fairing the keel shape of the starboard float:

Here is a picture of the carbon tube for the starboard float storage compartment net attachment:

And here is a picture of the wonderful parcel I got from Korea!

And here is some of todays snow in the back of my truck after driving over to the workshop! The global warming doesn't seem to do much for us yet....

Then I made a 6m long vacuum table on the strongback for infusion of the float decks. Cut all the foam and placed the HD inserts.

Then made the foam for the deck stringers. Have to perforate them and make "channels" underneath for resin distribution.

I placed alignment dowels in the table to make sure that the three parts of the float are correctly aligned:

And I'm ready to tape in the last tube in the starboard float. The port float is finished with holes every 10 cm /4" in the tube (forgot to take a picture of that)

Next is taping in that tube and infusing the starboard float deck. Then I have to make the port deck, cut a hole in the table to make room for the chainplate and glue the float on top, strapping it firmly to the strongback to get a tight fit. Not sure when I can find the time for that...