Saturday, May 12, 2007

Preparing infusion of float deck contd

This is how I prefer to prepare the stringers for infusion. May be a better way to just perforate, leave the top of the stringer without RDM and attach a vacuum outlet on top of the stringer.
Anyway, when doing like this with approx 1x1mm channels under the stringers and 1,5 mm perforations in the grooves this provides resin distribution to the fabric layer(s) between the deck and the stringer, and I use RDM on top of the stringer to provide distribution there. It has worked excellent for the bow stringers and also the stringers on the front part of the deck. The advantage is I can manage with four less vacuum outlets for this infusion which means less use of consumables and less resin to throw away.

The high density inserts with bog in the joins to minimize resin distribution to the other side of the deck foam. Starting to lay out fabric in reinforced areas:

I everything goes as I hope, the first deck will be infused later today....

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