Friday, September 28, 2007


This is what the decks looked like after yesterdays "candy bag method":

And the dorsomedial view:

A detail after sanding down the ridges. Unevenness not visible to the eye is revealed. The location dowels are removed for easier working access:

Then I started filling the gaps between the ridges. This turned out to be much more time consuming than expected as very small holes in the fairing compound tended to appear when trying to smooth it out. I expect plenty of low spots after first fairing, that is ok as I have to fill all those small holes anyway.

It will be hard to find much time to work on the boat the next 6 days due to my working schedule, we will see... And it sure takes a lot of concentration/focusing to get through this stage without spending too much time procrastinating. I must say I know of a few activities associated with more fun than fairing...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you been looking at too many xrays :-P


Tor Rabe said...

That may be true. But those nice fibers are expensive.

Anonymous said...

And those d''''' airways keep on ordering new planes :-/

Thought "dorsomedial" might have been a Freudian Slip, accidentally revealing the name of your F22R: "X-RAY" :-)