Thursday, September 27, 2007

Support rails and fairing compound

I cut out the support rails and glued the vertical supports in.

Making sure there was room for the deck hatch

And the shrouds.

Then I marked all the attachment points for the support rails and calculated an overlap for the tape at the attachment areas and then cut the peel ply around these areas. Then I de-peeled the decks and used the random orbital sander to remove some minor glue ridges at a few peel ply overlaps.

Then I lay down thin ridges of fairing compound, about every 10cm, method from Henny's site. Both decks and transoms are now covered with fairing compound ridges. When I start to sand down these I will get an idea on how well my building have been. I can't wait (but I have to in order to let the fairing compound cure properly) to get on with it!

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