Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally some progress again

This last week has been busy with work, sailing Frimann (we were planning on attending a regatta in Trondheim on Wednesday evening. The regatta was canceled, supposedly because of the very nice westerly breeze, so we went sailing anyway. It was a very nice sail which ended with the centerboard (33 years old piece of plywood) broke in a 25+ gust and we never saw it again.) and evacuating uninvited water. When I finally found time for building, my workshop was flooded again. I removed all the water and that was it for the day. The next day it was flooded again (I really have to do something, and it will not be easy to change the weather up here!) so I emptied it again. And that was all for that day.

This morning, however, the water was quite shallow and I managed to empty it all, then being home with the family for a few hours when everything dried up and tonight I was able to laminate the inner side of the starboard float. The fabric and peel ply to be used was already cut:

And the float was impatiently waiting to receive it's outer skin:

Then 3 1/2 hour of working with gloves and gas mask, no pictures obviously. I first wet out the foam with a short hair roller. Then the bow cap (reinforcements in the bow section) before I applied the first layer, 200g carbon fiber, making sure to drape it well and then cut it in the right length along the keel line. Then wetting out again before the final layer of hybrid fabric for better abrasive wear resistance. Finally the peel ply was applied and then, working from the center of the fabric, squeezing all excess resin out with a rubber squeegee. Resin consume approx 4,4 kg, significantly less than the other float. The result looked good:

Another view:

And a detail shot along the deck to side radius:

I am quite thorough to make sure the overlaps and fabric ends lay smooth to avoid excessive filler work. The peel ply is to great help in this aspect, it also makes it very easy to squeegee out excess resin and to make sure the fabric is tight. On the last inspection, 6 hours after the first wet out, there were no signs of bubbles.

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