Sunday, September 23, 2007

Heat curing floats

The final decision was a mix of all the inputs I have got. Thank you all! I set up a frame of wood, extending it using wires from wall to wall. Then covered with foam intended to use for the main hull in the ceiling and then covering it all with the big canvas/cover/presenning (sorry don't know the right word). Here the frame work:

Looking from the distal end of the "tent", the heater visible between the hulls:

The opposite view, the "power plant" in the foreground, looking into the slightly insulated tunnel. There are openings down by the floor, the idea is that the heater fills the space with hot air and the least hot air evacuates along the floor to make room for the new. After this shot was taken I made a modification, covering the lower 8" of the opening to prevent the air stream from the heater to drag cold air into the tunnel:

Two of the total six thermometer readings a few minutes after start up. After one hour the temperature seemed to be between 48°C and 54°c, depending on height above floor. I will run full power till tomorrow, then decide whether it is necessary to turn the floats around for another round to ensure full cure over all (based on thermometer readings):

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