Monday, September 03, 2007

Wingnet rails

As stated earlier, I do not have any more of an appropriate resin/hardener to keep on hand laminating, thus the starboard float has to wait until this is brought in my custody. The port float is stored out of the way until both floats are laminated and ready for a treat in what will be some kind of a tent with the diesel heater connected to it in order to achieve around 70 deg C for 20 hours.

Instead I have been working on miscellaneous parts where infusion is the manufacturing method of choice. Here is a profile of the wing net rail mold:

Here I am vacuum bagging the wing net rail inner support, this will be cut into four parts:

Out of the bag:

And here I am infusing the first wing net rail. This part is 280 cm long and consists of carbon 200g + 450g + 450g + hybrid 240g. Carbon for the other rail seen in the background.

I have thought a lot on how it is best to proceed on fairing, mounting the rail, painting etc. I have come to a final answer. I will fair the floats as soon as they have undergone the post heat cure. I will also cut the holes for the hatches and fill the ends. The rails will be mounted and the final spray-coat of epoxy will be done after the beams are mounted. Then I will paint the floats with rails and beams.

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