Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bow bulkhead finished

Today it was time to finish the taping of the bow bulkhead.  The most exciting part was the front side bulkhead to deck join, as there is no way to get this join in sight.  I tried to take pictures afterwards, but it was difficult to get the camera in the right position as well.  It seems it is adequately taped however.  I accept it as it is.

The bulkhead to hull side taping was a lot easier and turned out quite well.  This completes the taping af the front bulkhead and a long feared operation can be marked off as done.

Some readers may have wondered lately "he was installing beam mounts, and all of a sudden he switches to a completely different task without finishing what he started".  The thing is, as I suddenly discovered, that in order to finish the front beam mount laminations, I had to finish taping the front bunk top. I have not done any of the top side internal panel taping.  When I was about to tape the front bunk, it was natural to do all the taping left in that area.  I will now continue to tape the bunk tops further aft in the boat and then finish the front  beam mount and front beam bulkhead taping. One side of the daggerboard case taping is also left, and that will be done when the beam mounts are finished and I can roll the hull over again.

Another thing; I have been looking for a supplier of fine multiaxial carbon fabrics for a long time, for the foils for instance, and have not been able to source what I was looking for.  Several suppliers have told me such fabrics are not made.  Today I got mail from Torkil, he found exactly what I was looking for at Formax.  Thank you Torkil!!

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