Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flerskrog Trøndelag - board meeting

Last Wednesday, the board of the Norwegian multihull association's northern fraction - Flerskrog Trøndelag - had a meeting in Levanger.  The members of the board met in the workshop to inspect the quality of my work and the progress.  My work so far was approved and good wishes for the rest of the project was offered from Torkil (Corsair 24), Trond Are (TRT 30?) and Arnt (Chairman), all of them experienced multihull builders and sailors.  This was indeed a big relief!;-)

I am also modifying an Eee for a friend that helped me recover a lot of lost Christmas family pictures from a bad SD-card in the family camera.

I might have to make myself one of these as well, to run navigation software (there are somewhere around 200.000 islands along the coast here, and a few of them are under water...), and maybe a music library for slow hours in anchorage...

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