Friday, January 15, 2010

Recess moulds

Somehow, I'm able to spend considerable amount of time on these moulds.  They each consists of five parts cut from 19mm MDF,  using a full size pattern which suggests larger moulds than the holes they are supposed to fit into.  Besides trimming in order to fit they also have to be trimmed and bevelled to fit the curved part of the beam mounts.  Then joined in a way that allows removal after laminating without cutting up the boat.  Then you just have to round the corners, apply releasable surface and find a way to fix them in place and - voila!  Hope to be ready for more laminations real soon.  I'm working on the four mounts more or less simultaneously, here showing the exterior of the aft port mould temporarily fitted using clamps and a spacer:

And the inside of the same, I have not fitted the small piece covering the inside of the "arm".  It is trimmed to fit, but I haven't figured out exactly how to fix that part in place, probably I'll try to just tape it in place with packaging tape and maybe some duct tape on the outside.

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