Saturday, January 30, 2010

Port aft beam mount laminated

I also got the port side aft beam mount laminated.  This time a little bit faster, as one tends to get better at doing things when repeated.  (Which means I would probably be able to build an F-22 quite a bit faster if I started over again now.  Which I will definitely not do, but I must admit that I already have started to think about an F32SRX some time in the future....).  New to this side is the clamp on the flat area extension, as I saw imperfections on the other side here due to phenomena described by Isaac Newton centuries ago (it has to be your own mistake until you actually learn something, huh?).  The diagonal brace is just to straighten up the upper folding strut slot, as with this particular beam mount it seemed to want to be very roomy.

The mould was successfully removed and the aft coaming and recess laminate trimmed after this picture was taken.

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