Sunday, January 03, 2010

Decent start on a new year

I have been able to make a decent start on this year, putting in a couple of working nights already preparing for the beam mount installations.  Only cell-phone built in camera picture quality however, as my camera died in the preparations to the last posting.

First, I had to level the boat in fore and aft and athwartships directions.  I cut my supports to keep the waterline rather than the gunwale line level, so I had to shim up the aft support.  First, to establish the exact position of the gunwale line at the beam bulkheads, I cut holes in the hull at those positions, as much energy was put in to achieve exact positioning of the beam bulkheads and thus their gunwale mark would be the best points to use in my boat.

Then, using extensions out trough these openings and a standard leveller inside to control athwartship alignment, I used a laser leveller to establish exact fore and aft alignment.  Packed up as requires as shown in the next picture.  Then I used a cardboard full size template for the cutout that I made from measures in the plan book, had a single light source several meters away and in combination with the laser leveller transferred the shape to the hull.  I used my oscillating saw to make small cuts each side of the bulkhead to control position of the pattern.  Then cut.

I still wonder about the window, as it seems to have come too close to the front beam mount, even though I am certain that I placed it to the best of my abilities according to plans.  Hmm.

Then I had to laminate the top flange extensions to the aft beam mounts.  This picture showing the beam mounts clamped to a "double mould plate":

And after the mould was removed:

I also had to make up the beam mount alignment jigs.  I cut them from MDF.  Used Guttorm's drill press to make the 3/4" beam mount location holes with a hole saw. 

At last the port side cutouts finished.  I dry fitted the beam mounts, everything seems to fit very well.  Tomorrow I'm going skiing with my son.


Dag said...
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Dag said...

This looks so complicated that I don't understand a thing, exept that I am very proud being your brother!!

We need a phone conference....