Saturday, April 03, 2010

Catching up with things left out along the way

I continued to do more of the laminations that I, for various reasons, have left out earlier in the process.  The extra laminates in the cabin floor was one of them, now able to do it after the initial hull-daggerboard case taping was done last work night.  I used here as on deck some carbon and some hybrid, making up a carbon A equivalent in the middle section with a top layer of aramid for toughness added wider than necessary for structural reasons.

And here is how it looks trough the deck hatch:

I also made the cockpit floor double tonight, plus some more taping of the cockpit seat fronts.  The double layer being compressed under the weight of some Nissan king cab wheels.  I planned originally to vacuum this in place, but after the drain holes were made before installation of the seat fronts this became an intricate matter.  I decided on poor man's vacuum bag and gravity instead.

I got an answer from Mr. Farrier regarding the structural issues in the head area and are now soon ready to move on with the custom buffer tank and head installation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tor , these detailed bits take lots of time . Have launched my boat and will send pics of some of the internal layout that you may be interested in . Just a cautionary note about aramid , you may already know it goes furry when you sand it and you have to do an undercoat and sand that to get rid of the little hairy bits . Been up to 14.3 knots with the spinnaker is best so far . Cheers , Jim Buckland .

Tor Rabe said...

Congratulations! I am increasingly looking forward to the launch as well, hopefully during the 2011 sailing season. I am looking forward to see your pics! And I noticed that annoying property of aramid when fairing the floats, but that's actually the reason I put it there in the first place, right?