Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Continuing catching up

There are still several small jobs that have to be finished.  I want to be able to paint several areas when I start mixing up the paint, so I'll finish a few things before I get on with the cockpit.
Here is the finished cockpit floor.

And I formed a foam gusset at the aft daggerboard case end.

After fairing and applying a rather heavy carbon fibre layup.  This is definitely not the first place to fail, whatever happens.

After my rather unfortunate miscalculation on the space requirements for a RM69 installation I started preparing a contra lateral cut out, adding a support under the port settee.  Then I made the cut out, the starboard part obviously has to be glued back in.  The right picture showing the head hanging in free air.  I will make a combined buffer tank/forward floor to put the head on top of.  I figure I'll line the tank with a light glass and a few covering layers of epoxy.

I also started preparing the top side taping of the aft bunk top, adding pieces of foam in the bunk top/hull transition, to avoid excessive putty fills.  The buckets of Würth Assy screw are weighing the foam down in the putty bed.

And I did some more taping on the cockpit panels to main bulkhead join, as well as the aft bunk top to main bulkhead join.

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