Thursday, April 01, 2010

Head problems, mould milling

I imported a RM69 bayonet catch ABS head with the 25 litre buffer tank from Holland (they don't sell these in Norway, only powerboats and over sized monos here), as this seemed to be by far the lightest toilet (3kg) on the market, and the buffer tank with the integrated 3-way valve seemed to be exactly enough to make good cruising amenities.  It also seems to have a good reputation amongst F-boaters.  I was quite sure the buffer tank would not fit, but I wanted to give it a try.

The tank does not fit.  Worse, the toilet don't fit either, not on starboard side as I had planned.  It will however as it seems fit on port side.  I will make a custom buffer tank serving as the raised front floor, and with the exact right height of the floor it should fit in.  I did not research this good enough before cutting the access on the starboard side.  So now I have to glue at least part of this back in, make a new under seat support to fit on port side, and make a similar cut out on port side.  I have contacted the designer regarding structural issues.

The cut out

The under seat support

Anyway, this cut out made the access for the final taping of the daggerboard case and the daggerboard case web, that I had postponed due to difficult access, much easier.  Finished taping:

I am also preparing the last reinforcing laminations to the cockpit floor.

I received some nice pictures from Silas, showing the daggerboard rudder moulds being milled.  The rudder looks sexy, he reports.  I am looking forward to start laminating!

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